Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Comic Teases

NBC, you're breaking my heart!

What was the ONE REASON I said that I was going to support this lame Season 1 vs. Season 2 format for Last Comic Standing 3? The ONE REASON! Because I thought it meant more air time for the beguiling Bonnie McFarlane. So, out of twenty comics, who is the ONLY ONE not to return? That's right. Bonnie. And to add insult to injury, you replace her with... this?

So, why, Bonnie? Why?

Does it have something to do with my recent discovery that you're dating Season 1 comic Rich Vos? As much as it would sadden and disgust me, you two could be the Romeo & Juliet of Last Comic Standing 3! Unless maybe you've since broken up with Vos and can't stand to be on the same stage as him, in which case, maybe you're on the lookout for a sexy, single Pop Culture Petri Dish to make him jealous. Or perhaps, as I've suspected all along, you're just above all this cheap-reality-rehash-whoring-for-one-last-shred-of-the-limelight.

No matter what your reasons, know that I support you, even if I miss you.

Oh, and NBC, I can't stay mad at you... not when you've come up with the clever marketing technique of creating Friendster profiles for their 18 Apprentice wannabes. My early fave is Stacie J. (anyone who appreciates the highly underrated Devil's Advocate is good in my book). And don't forget, NBC is airing the season premiere of the brilliant Scrubs tonight.


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