Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Suri, Wrong Number

Last July, I snapped a photo of this sign outside the Church of Scientology's Pacific Area Command Base located at the corner of Sunset and L. Ron Hubbard Way (yes, Rest of the World, not only does Los Angeles celebrate "Crash Day", but we name our streets after L. Ron Hubbard -- please don't judge us):

In need of another kind of audit

After some minor Photoshopping (to remove the "2"), I submitted the picture for TVgasm's countdown to Big Brother 6.

A year later, I was walking by the same sign, however the LED display looked slightly different (no Photoshopping here):

Four million "un-read" roam the Earth!

As you can see, it no longer says: "GET IT, READ IT 25 MILLION HAVE." It now says: "GET IT, READ IT 21 MILLION HAVE" (the "IT" in question is Dianetics). So what happened to the other four million who had got it and read it as of July 1, 2005?

Even if all four million took a cruise on the Freewinds and never returned, they still would have gotten it and read it, no? According to this official news release from the Church of Scientology dated April 27, 2006, Dianetics "has sold well over 21 million copies," so I don't know where that 25 million figure came from in 2005.

Something's fishy -- uh, fishier -- at the Church of Scientology.

And here's what the message looks like, in context:

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