Friday, August 27, 2004

Real Worlds Colliding

As if I needed another online distraction to keep me from earning a living, I stumble across The Fishbowl - an amazing hub for reality junkies like myself. Not only does it mean that I haven't seen the last of one of my favorite reality contestants of all time, but it conjures (and even provides digital) images of a secret society/cult of reality "stars" who all hang out with and date each other in the most awesome crossover in television history!

There was a hint of this during Survivor: All Stars when the Survivors from different seasons would talk about knowing each other outside the game and how big a Survivor-slut Ethan was, but I had no idea it spanned the entire landscape of reality - from the gold standard (Survivor) to the trashy nadir (Temptation Island - don't be mad, you know I loved you, baby). Now I want to go on a reality show, only so that I can be admitted to this head-spinningly cool fraternity.

I just hope they're exclusive enough to turn Colin and Randy away.


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