Friday, August 27, 2004

Where's Woody?

Fun for kids of all ages!

Now that Melinda and Melinda is scheduled for March 2005 (in the United States, anyway – in a rare move for an American movie, the film will be distributed in several European territories well before its rollout here), 2004 will mark the first year since 1991 that Woody Allen hasn’t released a movie in American theaters. Before 1991, the last time was 1976, but in both those years, he did appear in other directors’ movies (Scenes from a Mall and The Front, respectively).

Still, for a 68-year-old director – hell, for any director – that’s pretty darn close to earning a perfect attendance award (even if quantity has all-too frequently outpaced quality).

In 1977, he came back from his brief hiatus with Annie Hall – one of the greatest films of all time. Here’s hoping (but doubting) that Melinda and Melinda is half as brilliant.


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