Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jumping the Gunn

ACHTUNG: Verderberalarmbereitschaft!
(WARNING: Spoiler Alert!)

I warn because my TiVo did not. At least I think it might be a spoiler. I won't know for sure until next week's Project Runway. But last night's episode ended with a cliffhanger: Would Jeffrey Sebelia be disqualified for allegedly cheating?

Or it would've been a cliffhanger if I hadn't noticed the title of the episode before I hit delete on my TiVo: "The final three contestants."

Arbeit macht drei...

On the show's official website, the episode is simply titled "Finale, Part 1." But TiVo wasn't the only listing to mention a "final three," despite the fact that as of the conclusion of the episode, there were still four contestants. Google's cached page of Zap2it's TV listing (retrieved on October 5) offers this description: "The final three contestants prepare to show their collections at New York Fashion Week."

...Oder drei machen es arbeitet

However, now Zap2it's description simply says "The final contestants prepare to show their collections at New York Fashion Week."

It's possible that this description was written before Project Runway revealed the twist that this season would feature a final four instead of a final three, however, that twist was revealed two weeks ago on the September 27th episode. And TiVo doesn't even put out schedule information more than two weeks in advance.

We'll have to wait until next week to see if this was really a spoiler.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

America, Buch Yeah!

Earlier today, I heard Wolf Blitzer introduce commentator Bay Buchanan as being from Team America. Though she does look a bit like a marionette, I didn't remember her being in Team America: World Police, so I thought I'd heard wrong.

Bay Buchanan, left; Lisa, right

Turns out, I heard right. Buchanan (sister of Pat), is the chairman of Team America, "A Political Action Committe Dedicated To Securing Our Nation's Border." Is that name a joke?

It was probably just coincidence, since the PAC was founded in 2004 - the same year Team America the movie premiered. And who founded Team America: Border Police?

None other than Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, whose district includes Conifer and Littleton - former homes to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, respectively. In addition, his district was gerrymandered to narrowly exclude Fairplay, Colorado - the inspiration for the town of South Park.

Still, how can anybody take a PAC named Team America seriously? Then again, after browsing through their website, the name may be the least of their problems in that department.

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