Tuesday, October 10, 2006

America, Buch Yeah!

Earlier today, I heard Wolf Blitzer introduce commentator Bay Buchanan as being from Team America. Though she does look a bit like a marionette, I didn't remember her being in Team America: World Police, so I thought I'd heard wrong.

Bay Buchanan, left; Lisa, right

Turns out, I heard right. Buchanan (sister of Pat), is the chairman of Team America, "A Political Action Committe Dedicated To Securing Our Nation's Border." Is that name a joke?

It was probably just coincidence, since the PAC was founded in 2004 - the same year Team America the movie premiered. And who founded Team America: Border Police?

None other than Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, whose district includes Conifer and Littleton - former homes to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, respectively. In addition, his district was gerrymandered to narrowly exclude Fairplay, Colorado - the inspiration for the town of South Park.

Still, how can anybody take a PAC named Team America seriously? Then again, after browsing through their website, the name may be the least of their problems in that department.

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