Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lake v. Peterson

One of my favorite parts of any new Amazing Race season is the nicknames that teams bestow upon one another before they learn everyone's real names. And this season premiere did not disappoint! Among the early sobriquets: "The Frosties," "The Hippies," "Ken & Barbie," "The Ho's," "The Einstein Couple," "Double D," "Mom & Daughter," "The Gay Guys," "Frat Boys" and "That Black Girl" (not to be confused with The Black Family).

But, by far, the greatest moniker of the night was offered by Jo (of "MoJo" fame), who called Lake Garner "Scott Peterson!"

"I'm sorry. That was... partially my fault really."

While there's no doubt Lake is the most likely to murder his pregnant wife and dump her body in the ocean, personally, I think he looks more like another jailbird...

Check out that air guitar!

Anyway, I'm just waiting for somebody to call these douchebags "Jeric"

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Blogger modsuperstar said...

I thought Lake looked like Phil Keoghan with a beard. I did a comparison on my blog about how BJ looked like Luke Wilson in Royal Tenenbaums.

March 01, 2006 7:01 AM  

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