Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Not So Predictable After All

Okay, so I finally made it all the way through Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable. And well... I owe Jamie Foxx an apology. He made it through the entire hour-long special without once mentioning Ray Charles. And the only time he invoked the late singer at all was when he sang a snippet of "I Got a Woman," leading into the introduction of "Gold Digger" (for the record, this came at the 22 minute mark). Then he introduced a special guest... Snoop Dogg? So alas, no live performance of "Gold Digger" or its mysterious hook.

I guess this means Foxx's year-long (and then some) one man tribute band is finally as dead as the Original Famous Ray. I already kinda miss it...

Who would've thought that his special would feature more skits featuring an actress playing his sassy grandmother, more pregnant women on stage, more shots of crying women in the audience or more attempts by Foxx to squinch his eyes tight and force out a tear during the emotional finale than mentions of Brother Ray? Certainly not me.

I was way off. I'm sorry. I guess I should stick to predicting Academy Award nominations, which I did quite well this year (if I do type so myself).

I got 72½ (I'm counting the wrong song from Hustle & Flow as half right) out of 95 overall (for 76% accuracy) and in the so-called "Top Eight" categories, I called 36 out of 40 (90%), including all of the Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay nominees. Still, I'm most proud (if one can be proud of something so lame as Oscar prognosticating) of going 4 for 5 in the usually impossible categories of Best Documentary Feature and Best Foreign Language Film (the latter with very little information to guess on).

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