Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Friends in Low Places

Friends may be long over, but its lawsuit lives on:
Justice Joyce L. Kennard appeared to find it significant that Warner Bros. had told Lyle to expect "a lot of sexual talk, very frank talk and at times vulgar" language. "She said, 'No problem,' " Kennard related.

Chief Justice Ronald M. George also noted that Lyle had been warned of "sexual banter" before she was hired.

But Scott O. Cummings, who represented Lyle, said she was never cautioned that one of the writers would be "drawing a woman's vagina and making jokes about it."

What would've been really vulgar would've been if they'd drawn pictures of a man's vagina.

Also, I wonder what clever wordplay Greg Malins could foist upon Ms. Lyle's lawyer's name...

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