Thursday, March 23, 2006

Will & Restraint

I'd like to nominate Will & Grace for a special Emmy for doing an entire episode about a gay cowboy bar without a single reference to Brokeback Mountain (not even a "Just Jack? Just Jack Nasty!"). Pretty impressive.

Also impressive - NBC apparently ran something of a Shohreh Aghdashloo theme night, featuring the brilliant actress on both Will & Grace and ER. Sadly, I didn't learn of her stint in the ER until it was too late, and I'm afraid she's not quite as adept at comedy as she is at heart-breaking drama (to be fair, it wasn't the best written special guest role ever on the show), but still... bravo, NBC.

Now if only 24 could stop killing characters off long enough to bring Dina Araz back from the dead.

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