Friday, December 09, 2005

O.C. Math

"Math is hard!"

Wow, Summer is like totally smart! On last night's episode of The O.C. (fittingly titled "The Disconnect") Summer bragged that she scored 2300 on her SATs. That's like 700 more than my freshman roommate (and I thought he was smart!)!

Perhaps the writers could've used Summer's impeccable math skills to figure out the episode's timeline, because unless I'm mistaken, not only did Summer get the highest SAT score ever, but Ryan got the longest lap dance ever! In the time it took him to get one dance from Sipowicz (don't worry, she looked nothing like Dennis Franz), Marissa ate dinner, watched part of a movie, watched Johnny fall asleep on the couch and got worried that she hadn't heard from Ryan (who she'd spoken to just two minutes before his marathon tease began). Man, the bill Matt slipped that stripper must've been Mr. Burns' trillion dollar bill.

I expect illogical timelines from 24 (they have no choice), but not The O.C. Okay, I expect it from The O.C. too.



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