Thursday, March 10, 2005

Identity Theft

One of the easiest (and most fun things) to do is come up with porno titles "based on" real Hollywood movies.

So why couldn't the writers at The O.C. come up with anything better than The Porn Identity for Julie Cooper's foray into the wonderful world of adult film? Forget for a minute that it's not the most clever or original title (Jessica Jaymes, Matt Damon and Matt Flamin all beat them to the punchline), but it doesn't even make sense (chronologically).

The premise is that back when she was a struggling waitress, before she met Jimmy Cooper or gave birth to Marissa, she starred in a porno video to make money. So that would make this video at least 17 years old - predating the Matt Damon hit The Bourne Identity by 14 years.

While I suppose that it could've been intended as a parody of the 1975 Robert Ludlum novel or 1988 television miniseries (starring Richard Chamberlain), I don't know how many porn movies base their titles on literature and forgettable miniseries (apparently there was a 1985 movie called The Pornbirds, but no Whore and Remembrance, Shogunk, Bonesome Love or Shoah Girls).


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