Thursday, September 01, 2005

Double Your Monkey

Go ahead, pretend you don't care

Thinking of donating your money to the Red Cross? Can't afford to give as much as you'd like to? How'd you like to double your good karma without doubling the damage to your bank account?

Then I suggest donating through John Rogers' Kung Fu Monkey blog. He's very generously pledged to match any donations made through his site (might as well put those Cosby residuals to good use, right?).

After enjoying Rogers' blog for the last few months, I feel I owe him an apology for some comments I made here last summer. Then again, I "donated" eight dollars and 104 minutes of my life to Catwoman (which is more than he can say), so really, who owes whom?

So basically, I'll be donating through his site because I want to make him pay for making me sit through both The Core and Catwoman. And because I care.


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