Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gotta Love The "Dunc Nut"

Coming soon to a T-Shirt near me

Okay, so Battle of the Network Reality Stars isn't quite the monumental achievement in television I was hoping it would be. In fact, it's downright lame. But it's all worth it to hear chants of "Dunc Nut!" - the awesome new nickname that's been bestowed upon Showbiz Dad Duncan Nutter by his reality brethren. I love it!

And even a little Matt Kennedy Gould is better than none at all:

Ironically, "Dunc Nut" sat the Dunking Booth out while the original "Joe Schmo" showed off his "Twelve Pack"

By the way, is "Dunc Nut" in any way related to Wil Steger from The Amazing Race 2? These are the questions that keep me up at night.


Blogger Alex said...

Yeah, Battle's lame, but I'm very impressed by the cast they put together. Good balance between cable and network reality "stars."

August 19, 2005 8:31 AM  

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