Friday, August 05, 2005

Iraq the Vote

I try to keep politics out of it here at The Dish, but now I'm begging you for your vote. Please. It's your right and your civic duty as an American. People have died for this right. There are people in the world who don't have this right. So please. Vote. The choice is yours. In fact, you could say, it's "America's Choice".

That's right... "America's Choice" is back on Big Brother, and this is the most important election of our lifetimes. Whereas previous "America's Choice" votes determined trivial matters such as who got a call from home or who got to synergize and appear on The Young and the Restless, this vote decides which of the three evicted Houseguests gets to return to the house for some serious payback and hell raising.

To anybody who's been watching this season, the Choice is obvious: Kaysar. And if you haven't been watching, take my word for it. Even if Kaysar weren't my favorite contestant this year, the process of elimination would dictate his return to glory. His "partner" in the game, Michael, while seemingly a nice guy, was as dumb as, well, Big Brother. It might be tempting to bring him back to see where his romance with Janelle goes, but honestly, her relationship with Kaysar is far more interesting to watch. And as for "Cappy" -- Big Brother is supposed to be a fun summer guilty pleasure. Any more of his toxic self-righteousness and I may just have to do the unspeakable and turn off the TV. Plus, his disciples are already speaking of him as though he were Jim Caviezel... do you really want to fuel their fervor with a resurrection?

So please. I implore you. Whether or not you watch the show, vote. It doesn't matter how uninformed you are. Vote. Vote Kaysar, and vote often (as far as I can tell, voting is unlimited, but be careful: When you hit the Back button, it automatically fills in Eric's bubble).


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