Sunday, August 15, 2004

Fall Movie Preview: October

My Seven Most Eagerly Anticipated Movies of October:

1. Team America: World Police (Oct. 15)

Here’s what I wrote back in July.

2. Sideways (Oct. 20)

I love Citizen Ruth and Election, but About Schmidt tempered my enthusiasm slightly for “The Next Alexander Payne/Jim Taylor Movie.” But I’m enthusiastic, nonetheless.

3. I [Heart] Huckabees (Oct. 1)

Seems like it might be a return to Flirting With Disaster form for David O. Russell. I don’t really like Lily Tomlin or Mark Wahlberg, but Dustin Hoffman’s usually entertaining when he’s allowed to have fun.

4. Ray (Oct. 29)

I was worried about Jamie Foxx’ performance, which looks in the trailer to be almost like an In Living Color impersonation. But after witnessing his great turn in Collateral, I have faith that he may be able to pull this off, making for a moving and inspirational eulogy.

5. Shark Tale (Oct. 1)
Again, it all comes down to the trailer. I was pretty excited about this project when I first heard about the cast, but the latest trailer does not look good. And in animation, the wattage of the cast is nothing without good writing. Let’s hope the whole is better than the sampler platter.

6. Alfie (Oct. 22)

Never seen the original, but it sounds like a good character for Jude Law.

7. Friday Night Lights (Oct. 15)

My interest was piqued by a nice, evocative poster hanging in the theater lobby, followed by a well-cut trailer. Even though I don’t care much for sports, I’m a sucker for a good underdog sports movie. I’m also impressed that Peter Berg is choosing such diverse projects, refusing to pigeonhole himself as a director. Though I haven’t loved either of his previous features, he shows a lot of promise.

Other October Movies that I’m Interested in:

Oct. 1

Around the Bend
Ladder 49

Oct. 6

Oct. 8
I Am David
Stage Beauty
Taxi (which looks absolutely horrible – almost as bad as Bringing Down the House – and yet, like a bad car accident, I have a sick desire to actually see it)

Oct. 15
The Machinist
Shall We Dance?

Oct. 22
The Grudge

Oct. 29
It’s All About Love


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