Saturday, November 04, 2006

Heart and Soul Plane

You know, for somebody who has nothing but contempt for Hollywood and the people who live and work here*, President Bush sure likes to rip off our movies' soundtracks:
For Bush's final campaign swing, Rove tapped powerful presidential symbols. Bush's arrival for a Thursday rally at the airport in Elko, Nev., was choreographed so the crowd on the tarmac cheered as Air Force One swooped out of the sky to heroic theme music from the movie "Top Gun." When the familiar blue-and-white Boeing 747-200B rolled right up to the rally, the loudspeakers switched to the soundtrack from the film "Air Force One." All that was missing was Harrison Ford.
By the way, does anybody even recognize the score from Air Force One?

And speaking of hypocrites, I wonder if the recent allegations about Rev. Ted Haggard will prompt Magnolia to try to relaunch Jesus Camp, as Rev. Haggard has an extended cameo in the documentary. Though there was a lot of buzz when the film was released in September, its box office has stalled out at less than a million dollars and it never went wider than 52 theaters. This is a movie that everyone should see before Tuesday, if only to be informed of what is going on in this country below the mainstream radar.

Well, it turns out Magnolia has already seized the moment by leaking a brief clip of Rev. Haggard's appearance from the film (there's more of him in the movie than these 42 seconds, and it gets a lot creepier) on YouTube:

*I'm specifically referencing, as I have before, President Bush's 2004 stump speech, where he often led off with something along the lines of:
But it is great to be in a place where people work hard and make a living off the land, raise their families. It's what I call the heart and soul of the country. (Applause.) The other folks believe the heart and soul can be found in Hollywood. I think it's found right here in [insert pandering to state he's in]. (Applause.)
On a personal level, this infuriated me, and I've never forgotten, nor forgiven, it. This wasn't some botched joke. It was a lame, yet deliberate joke and its meaning can't be misinterpreted. But nobody ever called him on the fact that he essentially claimed that everyone in this town is heartless and soulless. Yes, there may be a lot of heartless, soulless people here in Hollywood, but there are heartless and soulless people everywhere (if I'm not mistaken, Enron was based out of the president's hometown of Houston). And there are plenty of good, decent people here in Hollywood as well. People like Patricia Heaton and Jesus Christ Jim Caviezel.

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Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

I sure wish "Jesus Camp" could get a much wider distribution, but it doesn't seem likely .. most of the people who really need to see it reside in places like my little corner of the world where we just don't get movies this good!

November 04, 2006 4:13 AM  
Blogger CJ said...

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November 04, 2006 5:46 PM  

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