Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs, Maybe, But Still No Heart and Soul

The other day, I called on The President to belatedly appologize for his repeated statements that the heart and soul of America could not be found in Hollywood.

Two days later, he began to acknowledge that there are in fact a few "fine" and "patriotic" entertainers, but he stopped short of admitting that the heart and soul of America can in fact be found in Hollywood:

I thank Kelsey Grammer -- what a fine man. I appreciate his patriotism and being the emcee of this fantastic event. I want to thank all the other entertainers who have taken of their time to entertain our troops, and really to say -- what they're doing here is to say thank goodness for your service.

Maybe he feels a special appreciation for Mr. Grammer because of their common interests, but certainly there were plenty of other entertainers by Frasier's side on Saturday night at the tsunami relief telethon... in Hollywood.

So why is President Bush so unable to find some trace of the heart and soul of America in our fair town?

Maybe the heart and soul of America looks like a weapon of mass destruction.


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