Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Other Fockers

So, Movie City News linked to this Universal Studios promotion, giving away a free trip to anybody with the last name "Focker."

Which got me wondering: Just how many Fockers are there in this country?

A White Pages search revealed ten such Fockers. Of these, four are coincidentally named "Gaylord Focker" and another two are named "Greg Focker." Something tells me that these six individuals weren't all born with these names (and certainly not the four Gaylords, unless there are some ridiculously cruel/stoned parents out there).

Which raises several questions about these faux-Fockers: Have they legally changed their names to honor their favorite comedy? Were they playing a joke on the phone company? Were their friends/enemies/frenemies playing a joke on them? And the biggest question of all: Why?

If I were a real investigative blogger (or had unlimited night and weekend minutes), I'd call these so-called Gaylords and ask them myself. But I'm not (and I don't). If any of you want to take it upon yourself to give them a ring, please report back here with your findings and you'll earn the coveted Pop Culture Petri Dish Gold Star.

As for the other four "legitimate" Fockers, they all live within fifteen miles of each other, suggesting that they're all related (or that the real estate agents in the town of Bryan, Ohio offered a similar deal to Universal's). This means that in all of America, there is exactly one family of Fockers (at least there's only one that would have their phone numbers listed... and I can understand why some might not be so brave) and that means that Universal may have officially sponsored the most exclusively-targeted promotion in history!


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