Friday, June 10, 2005

Spousal Abuse Has Never Been Funnier... or Hotter!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is the most fun I've had in a theater since Kill Bill, Vol. 1. Just about every second of this movie worked for me*.

I could've predicted that David Poland (a man who's views I respect, but often disagree with)would respond otherwise. He eviscerated Kill Bill, the Charlie's Angels movies and Ocean's Eleven -- all movies that are admittedly heavier on style than substance, but all movies I enjoyed immensely. But if you didn't have fun at any of those movies, you should probably skip Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

*The only part that didn't work was the obviously truncated sex scene. This has nothing (well, little) to do with prurience or tabloid curiousity or the desire to see the two hottest human beings on the planet copulate... it's just that it feels truncated. The intensity builds up so much to that moment, and given where the characters are at in their arc, it wouldn't have been gratuitous - it would've enriched their journeys. And it would've been a sex scene like none we've seen before. According to IMDb, it was trimmed for a PG-13, which may very well be the motivation behind it, but it seems just as likely to me as overreaction to the tabloid shenanigans that supposedly killed Proof of Life and Gigli (nevermind that they were abysmal films). What a shame. Hopefully there will be an unrated version released on DVD.


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