Friday, June 10, 2005

And the Winner is... Synergy!

Even though they're supposedly voted on by the fans, doesn't it seem a bit... convenient that the Golden Popcorn was handed out to a Paramount movie in every category in which one was nominated (with the exception of Best Kiss and Best Action Sequence -- where Team America was robbed)? On top of that, they gave the created-just-for-him MTV Generation Award to Paramount's favorite son, Tom Cruise (who's a little long in the snaggletooth to be considered part of the MTV Generation, even if his "girlfriend" is not).

Mad props though to the set designer and whoever scheduled Hilary Duff to immediately follow Lindsay Lohan's big win for Best Female Performance. Oh, and any awards show where Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets to beat Jamie Foxx is more than all right in my book.

But I have to ask, why was Sandra Bullock conspicuously presented letterboxed every time the camera cut away to her in the audience, even when nobody else was?

It's not like she's Lawrence of Arabia...

...or even Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County


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