Sunday, December 25, 2005


It takes guts to plagiarize something back to the source from which it was plagiarized, especially when there's a prize at stake. But that's exactly what "J K." of New York, NY did. And he got away with it!

Compare entry #6 in this week's Late Show Top Ten Contest ("Top Ten Rejected Titles For 'Brokeback Mountain'") with #2 on this actual Letterman Top Ten List from April 7, 2004 ("Top Ten Rejected Titles For The Upcoming Gay Western").

Now, I could understand if someone coincidentally duplicated a simple pun like "Seven Brothers For Seven Brothers" or "Dances With Men", but magically coming up with a word-for-word, ellipsis-for-ellipsis copy and paste of a title like "Go West, Young Man... Now South... A Little More To The South... Oh God, Yes! Right There!"? That's a bit much to believe, J K.

And no, I'm not bitter that I didn't win a Late Show mousepad for any of my submissions. Well, not just bitter.

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