Sunday, May 01, 2005

Guilt by White House Correspondents' Association

This photo paid for by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

I know that presidents have no say over who's invited to the annual White House Correspondents' dinner, but this surprised me:

Joining the Bushes were Vice President Dick Cheney and wife, Lynne. News Organizations hosted show business and sports stars such as Goldie Hawn, Richard Gere, Jane Fonda, Mary Tyler Moore, tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams and a few supermodels.

Imagine for a moment the hell President Kerry would've caught if he'd appeared in the same room as Ms. Fonda. Heck, remember the hell he caught when it was revealed he appeared in the same field as her 35 years ago? And he wasn't president and she hadn't even been to Hanoi yet.

I've got more to say about Ms. Fonda's current media culpa tour and how Hollywood just doesn't get it in the coming weeks. But for now, I just wanted to point out yet another double standard that I suspect Right Wing talk radio won't be discussing.


Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

Amazing isn't it.

May 01, 2005 6:39 AM  

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