Monday, May 31, 2004

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging...

When did the Chinese Theatre start digitally projecting movies?
It seems to be a slightly major (relatively, within the world of completely inconsequential triviality that is Hollywood) turning point when the most famous movie theater in the world switches projection formats. I was surprised (and more than a little dismayed) when the digital projection logo popped up on the ginormous screen before Troy. I remembered that the theater equipped itself back when Lucas threatened to only show Episode II in ones and zeroes, but last summer I saw both X2 and The Matrix Reloaded there in glorious celluloid. So has Grauman’s completely crossed over now?
While the quality was better than the last time I saw a movie in digital, there was still something noticeably… off about the picture. I’m not one to cling to old technologies for the sake of nostalgia, I just prefer superior quality.


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