Saturday, May 29, 2004

I've Created Lutherans!

Beginning anything is hard to do. Ending something well may be harder, but beginning it is tough regardless of quality. This is true of relationships, movies, television shows, writing, creating the universe and, I imagine, weblogs. Although an online junkie, I’ve barely scratched the surface of this corner of the world wide web. The only blog I’ve perused with even a hint of regularity is that of the purported movie-star Rance.
Yet my mind had been overflowing with inconsequential pop-cultural observations and a blog seems the perfect outlet. I have several hopes for this page. I hope that I maintain it with some degree of consistency. I hope that what I write is of interest or amusement to anyone other than myself. On that note, I hope this site finds an audience (or vice versa… I’m not really sure how that process works in the blog community).
At the outset, I intend to focus entirely on the magnificent pop-culture landscape without delving into the real world (ours or mine). However, as art and life are so often interchangeable and/or complimentary, that may prove to be impossible. But if you want to know what some face-less stranger had for breakfast, click the “Back” arrow.
At a later date, I intend to expound upon the importance of pop-culture and my philosophy toward it, but neither Rome nor the Universe (Big Bang Theory aside) were built in a day.
And so it begins…


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