Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'd Like to Spank the Academy

"Hey, look. I'm a top exemplar in my respective area. Take that, Saget!"

Finally! Joel Zwick has been invited to join The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. That's right -- all this time he's been excluded from their elitist little club, if you can believe it.

We're talking about the director of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Fat Albert, something called Second Sight (starring John Larroquette and Bronson Pinchot) and... well, those are the only movies he's directed, but he did a bunch of classic TV shows like Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Step By Step, Full House, Kirk, Meego (that's two Bronson Pinchot series and one movie for those of you keeping track...) and Two of a Kind (...and two Olsen Twins shows) as well as a straight-to-DVD movie due out in August (apparently the explosive combo of Kim Basinger, Sean Astin, Billy Ray Cyrus, Angie Dickinson, Pat Morita, Denise Richards and, uh, Tom Hanks wasn't enough to attract theatrical distribution)!

All I have to say is it's about damn time, Academy!


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