Sunday, September 26, 2004

I thought Hollywood was supposed to be run by a bunch of no-good, pinko-commie liberals...

...but three stars of this summer's high-rated mini-series, "The Republican National Convention," appeared on the season premiere of Law & Order.

The biggest star (not currently in charge of California) in all of Hollywood who the Republicans could find to (publicly) support Bush guest-starred as a lawyer.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg shot a cameo, reprising his role as the mayor of New York City.

And of course series regular, former senator and sometime Sam Elliot impersonator Fred Dalton Thompson was there, too.

If only Stephen Baldwin wasn't so busy...


Blogger Alex said...

Isn't Law & Order shot in NYC? Maybe that's how it escaped the Left Coast's blood red commie net.

September 27, 2004 7:55 PM  

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